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Since its establishment, one of the main aim of “PURVA” has been to promote the young talents. To satisfy this, “PURVA” has formed the performing group, which is yet another important section in“PURVA”.

This group consists of senior students of the institution who are ready to work hard and devote time towards contributing to promote this ancient Indian art.

These students join dance as hobby students, but are given intensive training in a scientific way and are made able to present themselves as professionals artists.

At festivals of National & International repute, these artists get a chance to showcase their talents. These artists feel proud as they get a platform not only to perform but experience various forms of arts as well. At the same time, they have an opportunity to interact with renowned artists, exchange ideas and get exposure towards various cultures.

Under the guidance of Guru Shri Sharad Pandya, these artists of the performing group present dance compositions like dance ballets, traditional & classical compositions in Bharatanatyam as well as dances of Gujarat which are presented at various dance festivals, cultural events & exchange programmes.

The wardrobe of Purva performing group consists of colorful traditional costumes, sparkling ornaments, jingling gunghroos, and other dance properties, which add to the beauty and charm of the dance compositions

The artists at “PURVA”, develop the sprit of unity and brotherhood as they not only get platforms to participate in major dance festivals but also to perform for various social as well as charitable causes.

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“Purva” - a member of International Dance Council, UNESCO.
“Purva” - affiliated to Nalanda college, Mumbai.