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“PURVA” School of Bhartanatyam is a leading dance institute in Baroda. The renowned dance teachers Guru Shri Sharad Pandya Smt. Niru Pandya founded “PURVA” in 1983 with the aim of promoting the rich art and cultural heritage of India. It fulfills this aim through proper and intensive training of young talents, thereby bringing the essence of Bharatanatyam style of Classical Dance. “PURVA” has also been working for the purpose of the cultural upliftment of classical dance of India.

It is affiliated to Nalanda Dance Research Centre Mumbai, a college recognized by Bombay University. “PURVA” School of Bharatanatyam is recognized as one of the leading highly professional dance institutes from around the world, by International Dance Council, and is a registered member of CID, UNESCO.

“PURVA” has two teaching centers in Baroda. It also consists of two sections, The first section is related to teaching and training and another section is that of the performing group.

“PURVA” also has a junior troupe of upcoming artists who are trained in a disciplined manner and have given several small but important performances in shows hosted by “PURVA”. This helps in increasing the confidence in the junior artists and they are thus encouraged to further participate in similar functions.

Over and above teaching dance “PURVA” believes in educating students regarding the cultural heritage and traditions of India. It is a institution of incomparable credibility in imparting training in Bharatanatyam dance style.
Under the inspiring guidance of Guru Shri Sharad Pandya the performing group has given innumerable national and international performances and have been widely appreciated. The troupe has performed for various charitable and social organizations also. PURVA frequently invites and felicitates the renowned artists of this field thereby making the coming generation aware of such artists.

Lecture as well as demonstrations related to various other facets of Indian Art is also arranged at “PURVA” Workshops & cultural exchange programmes are also conducted by “PURVA”

It has maintained and served the sanctity and the purity of the dance form, style and technique. It has made innovation in the Bharatanatyam choreography keeping intact the basic features of the dance.

“PURVA” believes in helping out various educational and social institutes through its performance and feels that dance can be much more than just a medium of entertainment. It helps the society with complete devotion and feels proud in playing a small but vital role in doing so. The students of PURVA pursue dance as their hobby but they are trained in a professional manner with sheer discipline.

It also truly follows the ‘GURUKUL PARAMPARA’ of Indian culture. Students find a home away from home here in Purva. Till this date“PURVA” has trained about 1500 students who are now stationed around the globe. In this manner it has been discharging the stupendous task of enabling the heritage of India to reach around the globe.

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“Purva” - a member of International Dance Council, UNESCO.
“Purva” - affiliated to Nalanda college, Mumbai.