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Guru Shri Sharad Pandya
Founder – Director
“PURVA” School of Bharatanatyam

Born on February 21st 1959, in Baroda, The Cultural Capital of Gujarat, Shri Sharad Pandya had a deep love for the Indian performing arts since his childhood. A performer of high caliber, a celebrated choreographer and a devoted guru of today, he, began his long journey very early. He started learninig Bharatanatyam at the Faculty of Performing Arts, M.S. University of Baroda, Gujarat. Later he took up an intensive training in Bharatanatyam from renowned dance teachers like Guru Shri C.V. Chandrashekhar, Smt. Nargis Katpitia & Late Shri Pradeep Baruah.

Under the able guidance of Guru Shri C.V.Chandrashekhar, He performed in various cities in India such as Delhi, Jaipur, Banaras, Ujjain, Vrindavan, Kanpur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Bhavanagar, Surat, Ahmedabad, and Vadodara etc. He also performed in various South East Asian countries like Laos, Kampuchea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and many more. Besides these, he has also performed in 16 states in the USSR as well as in 18 states of the United States of America.

The major dance festivals in which he has participated include

  • The Festival of India in Russia.
  • The International Festival of Performing Arts, Bangkok
  • ICCR Sangeet Nritya Mahotsav, New Delhi
  • December Dance Festival, Chennai
  • Nitya Nritya Festival, Bangalore
  • Kalidas Samaroh, Ujjain
  • Swarna Sankhya Dance Festival, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mysore
  • Uttarardh Utsav of Classical Dance Festival, Modhera
  • Choreography Festival, Calcutta
  • International Classical Dance Festival, New Delhi
  • Gujarat Sangeet Natak Academy Festival Bhavnagar
  • Centanary celebration of GRG foundation, Coimbatore.
  • Chinmaya Mission, New Delhi and several others
A person of great devotion and dedication towards this ancient art, he went on to become a Nrutya Aacharya. With a dream of preserving & promoting the rich cultural heritage of India, he established ‘PURVA’ School of Bharatanatyam in 1983 in Baroda.

He always has an aim to provide platforms to the young students so that they could showcase their artistic talents, and to fulfill it, he choreographed several dances & dance dramas such as ‘Prakruti Varnan’ , ‘Nal Damyanti’, ‘Krishna Leela’ to name a few. His choreography has been highly appreciated and critically acclaimed. He was also the event choreographer of a dance composition in Sanskrit “Mahishasura Mardini Stotram” which was staged at the International Garba Festival, hosted by the Govt. Of Gujarat, in Oct. 2004.

As a teacher he is a strict disciplinarian and a perfectionist to the hilt. He is also a thorough professional. The students come to learn dance as a hobby but the training given is very intensive and in a scientific manner. This gives them the knowledge of the depth inherent in this style of dance. The pose, postures and movements are explained with such deep insight that only a well read and knowledgeable teacher can. He also imparts knowledge about the Indian culture and values. He has successfully followed the ‘Gurukul Parampara’ of the Indian Culture.

He is also the writer of the book “NRITYA SHASTRA” which states the history of Indian Classical Dances and their theories. He is the paneled artist of Doordarshan. He has also been invited by many institutes from around the globe to give lecture-demonstrations and to conduct workshops. He had been invited to give presentations at various places in Mauritius & recently in the World Performing Arts Festival 2005 held at Pakistan.
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“Purva” - a member of International Dance Council, UNESCO.
“Purva” - affiliated to Nalanda college, Mumbai.